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Jenny Beaumont

More about Jenny

Fresh out of journalism school, I spent a few years doing odd jobs while freelancing as a writer and photographer. I then moved from the U.S. to France, where I stumbled into the web industry and learned design and development. It was the early days of the web, when we were all just making it up as we went. Arguably, we still are!

Clients would tell me how some other web developer said that what they wanted couldn’t be done. I built my career on that challenge, and spent 17 years creating websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In early 2017, I joined the talented people at Human Made, first as a Senior Project Manager and now as Director of Delivery. I have a passion for creating fun and sustainable working environments in which remote, cross-disciplinary teams can unleash their full potential.

I’m also a former lead organizer of WordCamp Paris and WordCamp Europe, and have spoken at a number of events on subjects as varied as multilingual publishing and current trends in customizable products.