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Vesela Lalova

More about Vesela

As a Product owner of Altis, Vesela is responsible for guiding the development, continuous improvement and the success of the product. She lives in Sofia with her fiancé and two cats( the fluffy one and the crazy one).

Vesela has a bachelor’s degree in primary school pedagogy and a master’s in accounting. However, life took her in a different direction. After a few years as tech support, she decided to try out in the field of quality assurance. And this somehow made her curious about the whole product life cycle. Vesela worked previously for a nordic SaaS company, specializing in social media marketing management, where some of the clients were Carlsberg, Jysk, Momondo.

In her free time, Vesela likes to experiment in the kitchen. When she was a kid she was a picky eater, so now she is trying to try out as many as possible different varieties of food (still avoiding the beetroot). Running is the logical hobby to neutralize the other one. At least once a week you can see her also on the tennis court, trying to better her slice or just to have fun.

Vesela is a definitive cat lady. Other fluffy animals are also appreciated.