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Talking to 25% of the web
A WordPress REST API White Paper by Human Made

An in-depth report and analysis on the WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API is one of the latest features of WordPress, the content management system used by 25% of the web. The API exposes data in WordPress, making it available for developers to use in different contexts, and making it possible to use WordPress as a headless CMS.

At Human Made, we have experience using the REST API in our own products and on client projects. Employees at Human Made include Ryan McCue, the co-lead of the WordPress REST API project, and Joe Hoyle, who is a member of the team.

We’ve used all of this internal knowledge to produce Talking to 25% of the Web: An in-depth report and analysis on the WordPress REST API.

Download (PDF) 

Available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0

This white paper:

  • introduces you to the headless CMS
  • introduces you to REST
  • provides a technical overview of the WordPress REST API
  • explores some of the benefits of using the REST API in your project
  • talks about some of the ways that the REST API will change WordPress development
  • discusses some of the challenges that you may encounter in your REST API project

Who is it for?

  • developers who are looking for a headless CMS to combine with any technology
  • developers who want to know the challenges of working with the REST API
  • publishers who want to integrate WordPress with their current workflow
  • publishers who are considering moving to WordPress
  • agencies who need help explaining the WordPress REST API to their clients
  • project managers who are starting out on a REST API project



  • Tom Willmot – CEO, Human Made
  • Joe Hoyle – WordPress REST API Team, CTO, Human Made


  • Ryan McCue – WordPress REST API Co-Lead, Senior Engineer, Human Made
  • Daniel Bachhuber – WordPress REST API Team, Principal, Hand Built
  • Siobhan McKeown – Writer and Editor
  • Michael Pick – Designer