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WP Thumb

Posted on in Engineering, WordPress

WP Thumb is a WordPress plugin that silently enables the use of PHPThumb for all WordPress images. This has several benefits that WordPress does not offer:

  • Dynamically resize images on-the-fly – WordPress only generates 3 sizes for each attachment. WP Thumb allows you to do `the_post_thumbnail( ‘width=100&height=80&crop=1’ )` to get a 100 pixel square image, this can be very useful with theme development.
  • No issues if you change your WordPress image size options – Normal, if you have x attachments uploaded – changing you “Image Size” options will not retrospectively resize all existing images. Because WP Thumb generates the images on demand this problem does not exist.
  • Caching of resized images – all WP Thumb resized images are stored in a cache folder, if you want to clean up your images you can just remove the cache folder and your WP Thumb images will be created on demand again.