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WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 Retreat

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WordCamp UK is in Edinburgh this year, which is a fair old trip for us coming from Derbyshire. To avoid the long train journeys and the chance that we’d miss out on some of the pre & post conference fun if we arrive late Friday and leave late Sunday we thought we’d all relocate to Edinburgh for the whole week.

Then we thought, maybe some other people would be interested in doing the same.

We’re proposing to organise hiring a large[r] town house in the center of Edinburgh from the 9th – 16th of July. We’ll all split the cost of the rooms (we’ll need at least 6 for all us lot) and then we can all work from the house all week, either on your existing client work, or some other fun WordPress project + we’ll happily share our development expertise etc. with anyone who wants to listen.

If you can’t come for the whole week, don’t dispair, we’ll likely have some sofa space that people can crash on over the weekend and of course people are welcome to pop in during the day.

It should be a really fun week hacking on WordPress, we’re planning on using the week to work on some updates to WP Remote.

If you (or your team) are interested in joining us on this adventure, drop an email to or phone 07832 296439.

* This isn’t affiliated with the main WordCamp event in anyway.