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2012 WordCamp UK Retreat is a go

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The WordCamp UK Retreat has begun!

The journey began at 7:40am on Monday morning when the mini-bus we’ve hired was delivered to the office. Joe, Owain, Theo & myself all piled in and we set off on our long drive up to Edinburgh. Unfortunately Jane, Poppy & Richard couldn’t make it and Noel won’t be flying in until the weekend.

The WordCamp UK mini-bus, a black VW Transporter with it's boot open and one suitecase in the back.

Our first stop was to pickup another humanmade team member from Chesterfield station, then onto Barnsley and a sleepy looking Michael Kimb Jones. Our final pickup was Steven Jones from Newcastle, then onto Edinburgh.

We arrived at our apartment at around 4pm after navigating our way around the tram works that seem to have cut off most of the centre of Edinburgh. Alex Nolan & Simon Dunston arrived soon after and the retreat started in earnest.

The WordCamp Uk Retreat attendees playing Fifa on our projector.

Once we’d all argued over which room we wanted (I still don’t know how Theo got away with a room with a double bed to himself!) we got straight down to some high priority work, Fifa 2012 on the projector and beers all round! Now fully recovered from our respective journeys we headed out to the local pub for some food and more beer.

The WP Retreat gang tucking into some well earned ale.

Now it’s the morning after, everyone is getting setup on the projects they are going to be working on over the week, I’m uploading a video tour of the apartment now, I’ll update this post with it once it’s done.