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My first month at Human Made

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It’s with great pleasure that I welcome Joel Stubbs to Human Made as a Web Development Intern. Joel’s currently studying for an extended diploma in Software Development at Chesterfield College. He’s joining us on a part time basis to further his skillset and gain experience in a studio environment. His time will be spent on a mix of on-the-job training as well as being available to help us out on real projects. Below Joel talks a bit about what he’s been up to in his first month with us. Welcome Joel! Tom Willmot

team tree house

After my first month working at Human Made, I’m pleased to say that I’m really enjoying my time. I’m picking up the skills, and will soon be able to work on my own project, and contribute to the company’s success. To learn the skills I need to know, I have been using an online tutorial website called Team Tree House. I have found this site really helpful, with its large amount of videos, quizs and code challenges. When working through the tutorials you pick up badges, achievements and trophies which will show your success and how well you are working.

When I first started working at Human Made, some of the coding was double dutch to me, but its now looks more familiar and I’m sort of getting the hang of what the code means and does on screen when used. Certain topics I have been working on are: html, PHP and the CSS. The main one I have been working on is HTML. Once you know all the coding, it is fairly simple to use and make websites in. CSS (cascading style sheets) is the style of what your website will look like. Within the CSS you change the background color, font color, padding, font style, font weight, font size and you can change many other parts of the website that are visible. PHP is another coding language. I have not really had much work with PHP yet, but some of the aspects are similar to HTML, as are all the website coding languages which relate in some way.

Other work I have been doing consists of testing on the Yell marketing website. To perform the testing I had to try the website in different browsers, (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7,8 and 9). I found that doing this test was very good for my general knowledge on know how to make sure a website work correctly; one of the most common problem I found was that the website differed in different browers, so this was a problem that needed to be solved. Even though the website may have looked completed, it wasn’t due to there being visual problems in different browsers.