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Paul de Wouters Joins Human Made

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I’m really excited to announce that Paul de Wouters has joined Human Made as a full time WordPress Developer. Paul’s a superb, up-and-coming WordPress Developer who’s commitment and passion for his craft is obvious from his involvement in the online WordPress community; you’ll more than likely already know his name and avatar having seen it gracing the comment threads and twitter streams wherever there’s a WordPress story unfolding. Paul has been working with us for a while on an unannounced premium WordPress plugin (which we’re nearly ready to talk about) and has impressed us all with his work ethic and general awesomeness. I’ll let Paul explain more below. Welcome Paul! Tom Willmot

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Thank you for this introduction, Tom. I’m really excited to start working with such a team of talented people, and interesting and challenging projects.

A bit about me: I made a life changing decision a few years back to move to Brazil, my wife’s home country, and to start working with web development. We now live in a small city on the north east coast of Brazil with our two children. When I’m not coding or learning new skills, I like to take a long walk on the beach, go for a beer, or watch some tv shows on Netflix.

Over the last three years, I’ve been building WordPress powered websites for clients around the world as a solo freelancer. Last year, I also started giving back to the community by doing some theme reviews, contributing a couple of plugins to the repository and recently, a free theme called Spine which is built with Hybrid Core and Foundation. I also made a little contribution to WordPress core!

I love WordPress, open source software and the WordPress community, I’ve found that there’s so much positive energy and willingness to help each other out. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t help or get helped by someone. It’s just awesome. I also like to contribute back to other developers’ plugins if I can with a pull request on Github. I really believe that the future of WordPress development lies in the power of distributed teams, and that’s one of the reasons that I decided to stop freelancing. I’m convinced that I’ll be able to grow better and faster as a developer, and develop my skills in a team environment such as Human Made. Thanks again for taking me onboard!