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P2 By Email v1.0 released

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P2 is a great theme for keeping our newly distributed team in the loop. When the team is away from the computer, email means we can still reach them wherever they are. Our new P2 By Email plugin enables us, and now you, to use P2 and email seamlessly.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Get instant notifications when posts or comments are published.
  • Ensure you’re always notified when your username is mentioned.
  • Reply to posts or comments by email (requires extra setup).
  • Create new posts with a secret email address (requires extra setup).

Users can change their communication preferences from the default of all posts and comments using profile settings.

For the two features requiring extra configuration, check out our installation instructions. Basically, you’ll need to register a Gmail account, add a code snippet to your theme, and set up a system cron job to run a wp-cli command.

Want another feature added? Send us a pull request and we’ll consider it. Reply by email depends on a young email reply parsing class — there’s the real chance a comment will appear oddly, and we welcome improvements to the regex.