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Summer Internship at Human Made (Paid)

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This position has been filled, thank you for all the applications!

Human Made is looking for a passionate Marketing Intern to join us for the summer (3 months or longer). Over the years, we’ve grown to become one of the top WordPress agencies globally, being one of only two VIP agencies in Europe.

Lanzarote, one of our team trips of 2013.

Lanzarote, one of our team trips of 2013.

Whilst developing the consulting side of our business, we also ventured into various products such as Happytables and WP Remote. As these are continuing to grow in success, we’d like to offer the opportunity for an intern to be part of this journey.

You are

  • Anywhere in the world, but are willing to align at least half of your time zone with ours (UTC).
  • Passionate about online products and helping them grow.
  • Proactive and natural with people and view difficult/undecided/unhappy users as a challenge to turn them around, as opposed to a problem to sideline.
  • Someone that is never “too good” for any type of work. All three partners of Human Made do support because it keeps us hooked into the pulse of the business.
  • Love WordPress.

Your Challenge

  • Monitoring and being proactive within the social media universe (basically twitter & some linkedin). This could be anything from responding to a simple tweet, to mocking up a site on Happytables quickly and pitching it to a prospect.
  • Taking on a part of support for Happytables and WP Remote (though any difficult/technical issues can be relayed to developers).
  • Assist in product marketing campaigns and growth initiatives, be it in helping with blog posts, media outreach and so forth.

Your Reward

  • Get to experience the inner-workings of a VIP WordPress Agency, be part of the iterations and decision making processes we go through.
  • £1000/month (or £500 at 50%). As there’s a chance to do a lot of outreach on social media, we’re also happy to throw in a performance bonus for strangers turned clients. Only fair right?
  • Work alongside Noel on the product side of Human Made (Happytables, WP Remote, etc.)
  • Normal hours, we respect and value free time enough to know that your productivity will hit a wall late in the afternoon.
  • A recommendation from a top-tier agency (or alternatively a job offer from us)
  • The chance to attend a WordCamp with us if you complete your full 3 months (that’s right, we’d cover your travel expenses).

Apply now

This position has been filled, thank you for all the applications!

We’re really excited to hear from you!