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Japh Thomson joins Human Made

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japhWe’re very excited to announce that Japh Thomson will be joining Human Made today. I first met Japh at WordCamp San Francisco in 2012 and he’s always been a pleasure to hang out with. As the events carried on, a number of us also had the chance to meet in person (Pressnomics, WCEU and others). It goes without saying that Japh is a natural fit for us, both on a cultural and professional level.

His reputation precedes him, having contributed a great deal to the perception and relationships of Envato within the WordPress community (over the course of almost four years). Most recently he worked at  X-Team on Stream.

At Human Made, his primary focus will be with products, backing me up on all things Happytables, WP Remote and BackupWordPress. Although he carries a lot of development experience, his value will come in the form of working on product management, business development and the overall growth of our products.

Please join me in welcoming Japh to Human Made, head over to twitter and congratulate @japh!

PS: As predicted, we had a sudden rise in baby & puppy pics in our footer instagram feed, prepare for more baby & cat pics with Japh.