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Rob O’Rourke Joins Human Made

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I’m really excited to welcome Rob O’Rourke to Human Made as a full-time Senior WordPress Engineer. Although I hate buzzwords, Rob really is one of those rare unicorns; a developer who can design (or a maybe he’s a designer who can develop, I’m never sure :-). Rob joins us from long-time friends and UK-based competitors interconnect/it where he did great work for the likes of The Spectator, The Telegraph and many others. At Human Made Rob joins our growing agency team and will be heading up some of our more challenging WordPress projects for big publishers and enterprise. Welcome @sanchothefat!

Tom Willmot


Thanks Tom! I’m pretty sure I fall more into the camp of being a developer who can design (a bit). I think I may have peaked when my design for the interconnect/it website was used an example of web font usage in the ITC magazine!

It was a very difficult decision to move on from interconnect/it but ultimately it was time for me to take on a new challenge. There’s always more to learn and the team at Human Made have a wealth of experience that I know I’ll benefit from, and you never know, I may have a few tricks of my own to bring to the table! The icing on the cake among other perks was the opportunity to work remotely meaning I can pursue my wish to travel more and live abroad.

Having started out in front end development, including some design work and later more advanced backend development work it was a natural progression for me as a generalist into the role of project lead, working directly with clients and colleagues to pull all the pieces of a project together. I’m really happy to have the chance to continue to grow and improve in that role with Human Made in the coming years.