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John Blackbourn Joins Human Made

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I’m really excited to welcome John Blackbourn to Human Made as a full-time Senior WordPress Engineer. John brings a deep technical knowledge of WordPress and his experience applying that to the “real world” of client projects is a great fit for what we do. From his long history of WordPress contributions culminating in his leadership of the WordPress 4.1 release, to the pivotal role he played at long time frenemies Code For The People, to the experience gained with our friends and partners at VIP; John brings a lot to the team and we couldn’t be happier to now call him human. Welcome @johnbillion

Tom Willmot

Thanks Tom! I’m really excited about joining the team at Human Made. It’s clearly a company full of people who have a passion for WordPress, open source, and its philosophies; and who recognise the myriad benefit it brings to a business. This has been clear to anyone on the outside looking in for the last several years.

Being able to make a career out of something which started as a hobby in my teens is something I’ve always been grateful for. Personal development is always ongoing, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to develop my skills within a great team and to help the rest of the team develop theirs.

I’m really looking forward to the future at Human Made, continuing to build great things for our clients on WordPress, and to continue building the platform and its community.

Like Petya said, Human Made already feels like home. Let’s do this!