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The Day of Rest site has gone all REST API

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Tom announced our A Day of REST WordPress API conference back in September, and since then we’ve been super busy on the conference, and on the site to support it. Due to an unfortunate ceiling malfunction we had to change venue, but we’ve ended up just a few hundred yards across town in the utterly charming Conway Hall (really lovely space, like a groovey 1930s village hall).

Rebuilding the theme for A Day of REST

The site too needed some TLC – full disclosure, we grabbed a theme with a look and feel we really liked and got it up quickly. However, that was only ever a stop gap, so we’ve found the time to go back to the codebase and totally rebuild it using React and all, well ok, some of the awesomeness that the WordPress REST API affords.

The Day of Rest conference site speaker page - note the little REST API request pull up at the bottom.

The Day of Rest conference site speaker page – note the little REST API request pull up at the bottom.

Design changes & new architecture

In the last couple of weeks Noel’s refreshed the look and feel, and Japh and Joe have gone properly abstracted – the site (all the code for which is now up on Github here) uses the WordPress REST API to communicate with the WordPress database, and it even shows how it’s working – all the requests and responses are visible in a popup console. How cool is that!

Joe’s put up a post on the site itself outlining the architecture of the different approaches to generating pages and the ‘inception console’ and pointing toward the possible extensions that could go into REST API themes like this in future.

Join us for A Day of REST

So, if you’re still debating whether to join us in London in January, do pop along to the updated site and take a look at the amazing line up of speakers, and marvel at the REST API goodness we’re already cooking up.

Hey it’s January, what else are you going to be doing? Tax returns?

Keep an eye on Feelingrestful on Twitter for the latest updates and we’ll see you in January!