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Ten humans get props for WordPress 4.4

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WordPress 4.4 ”Clifford”, named after jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, was released last week with a record-breaking 471 contributors!

Congratulations to release lead Scott Taylor – WordPress 4.4 is one of the most full-featured WordPress releases in a while.

As a company, we’ve always been extremely dedicated to the WordPress project and the massive community of people who power it. WordPress 4.4 has been no exception and we are absolutely delighted to have a grand total of ten human contributors acknowledged for their involvement in the latest release – the most humans so far. Props for ”Clifford” were given to Matt, Joe, Japh, Frank, Siobhan, Petya, Ryan, John, Tom & Paul de Wouters.

The WordPress REST API infrastructure is in core

This release is really important to Human Made as one of its key features is the merge of the infrastructure for the WordPress REST API – a project that’s co-lead by our own Ryan McCue and has on its team our CTO Joe Hoyle. Ryan, Joe and the whole REST API team have devoted more than two years to the project and Human Made has stood behind it, tested and helped to fine-tune the functionality while also using it in production on API-driven products like Happytables and Nomadbase, and on client sites like ustwo and npm.

If you’d like to learn how to use the API in your own projects, join us for A Day of REST, a conference all about the WordPress REST API that brings today the development team and high profile sites who are using it. It’s on 28th January 2016: grab a ticket – we’d love to see you there!

WordPress 4.4 comes localised in more than 70 languages and we helped!

One of the things that’s often neglected, but has a huge impact on WordPress distribution worldwide, is that WordPress has more than 4000 people translating it to 158 languages. WordPress 4.4 comes 100% translated in 53 different languages and there are 70 languages that have been translated to 80% or more.

Human Made contributes a fair amount of time in both helping the L10n efforts through Petya, who is one of the leads of the Polyglots team, and translating WordPress to various languages. Many humans continue to provide support for different locales: Franz (Italian), Ana (Portuguese), Daphnee (French Canadian), Paul de Wouters (French Belgium), Bronson (Australian English), Tarei (New Zealand English) and Petya (Bulgarian).

Another Human Made core committer

After Ryan’s guest commit access for 4.4, which he keeps in 4.5, we also have a new core committer from Human Made for the 4.5 release cycle. We’re super proud of Joe Hoyle, who’s made the list of seven new core committers for WordPress 4.5.

We’re proud to contribute more than 10% of our company time to contributing to various parts of the WordPress project – core, accessibility, community, polyglots, design.

Check out our contributions to WordPress core over the years.

We’re looking forward to WordPress 4.5. We hope you are too!