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Shady Sharaf joins Human Made

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I’m delighted to announce that Shady Sharaf is joining Human Made as a Senior WordPress Engineer. Shady brings a passion for clean, standards-compliant code and is a strong open source advocate. Previously at XWP and WP Stream, Shady has a deep knowledge of the internals of WordPress and strong experience delivering WordPress at enterprise scale. He’s a great communicator and an experienced remote worker. Welcome, Shady!

– Tom Willmot

I was blessed to join a team of true Humans; with such a great culture, and passion towards providing true and continuous value to the WordPress Community, and to our clients. People who have a strong vision about WordPress, and how it can continue to be a leader of CMS solutions, and also succeed on the platform front like what was demonstrated at HappyTables, our leading product.

It has not been long since I started working with the team, and it already feels like home, with trust, transparency, proactivity, and communication as the main principles of the company family. Pushing us all to be better developers, team players, and humans.

Looking forward to increasing my contributions to the community, and building a few new big things with the team!