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New White Paper: Dealing with the causes of stress in remote teams

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Over the past few months we’ve been doing a lot of thinking internally about how we can improve the working lives of all of the employees at Human Made. This soul-searching was spurred by Catalina Alvarez, a researcher in Occupational Psychology from the University of Paris 8. Catalina came to us to do an internship. Her research specialism is in stress in remote teams. While there has been considerable research on telework, especially the positives, there has been little that focuses specifically on the challenges faced by remote team members.

Members of a remote team face unique stressors due to factors such as cultural, spatial, linguistic and temporal distance. We’ve spent the past few months exploring how some of these factors affect people inside Human Made, as well as reviewing the literature around remote work and stress.

Part of the ethos of Human Made is to share what we’ve learned with the wider community. And so we’re delighted to share with you today our new white paper: dealing with the causes of stress in remote teams.

The white paper reviews the stress factors that affect remote team members and explores what can be done on both the team level and the individual level. It’s for people who manage and lead remote teams, and individual team members themselves. We hope that you find it insightful and that it helps strengthen and enrich your own remote working practices.

Download the white paper here