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John Bevan joins Human Made

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I am very happy to announce that John Bevan is joining Human Made as Partnerships Lead. With a career trajectory that includes the BBC, The Guardian, Nesta, and Mozilla, John comes to us with a huge amount of experience both in media and in open source. He is also a Founding Member of We Are Open, a co-op dedicated to spreading the benefits of open culture and processes. In his role at Human Made, he will be taking care of our clients, responsible for ensuring that we provide them with excellent service and a smooth experience. Beyond that, his knowledge of open source and open practices reinforces our internal expertise and will help Human Made to both strengthen and grow. Welcome John!

Thanks Tom!

I’m delighted to be becoming fully Human after diving in as a contractor for the past couple of months and getting to know the team.

I’ll be working to uncover and develop mutual benefit for Human Made, our clients, and the wider WordPress community. My role will encompass aspects of business development, account management, and helping us to prepare and adapt as we continue to grow.

The focus here on people and relationships has been obvious from day one and it shone through in the many conversations I had with colleagues, clients, competitors, and community members at WordCamp London recently.

Over the years I’ve only ever skirted around the fringes of the WordPress community but have been greeted with warmth and interest at all times. Thanks to everyone who has helped me get my head around the necessary hashtags 😉

I owe a large chunk of my career to a perfectly timed, but chance, intervention from Ant Miller a few years ago. This opportunity to work alongside Ant, explore an enormous open source community, and to build common cause with partners at scale was one I was never going to turn down.