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Nathaniel Schweinberg joins Human Made

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I’m delighted to welcome Nathaniel Schweinberg to Human Made as a Systems Engineer! Nathaniel joins our growing servers team, bringing with him a wealth of experience of WordPress hosting on AWS. Nathaniel has already been doing some work with Human Made, providing server coverage while the team has been on retreat and providing a blueprint for Docker/container based hosting. This is an exciting time for the servers team as we’re growing our capacity, developing our skills, and looking for ways we can better serve our current and future clients. Nathaniel is sure to play a big part in that. Welcome on board!

Huzzah and indeed! I’m so thankful I had the privilege of getting to be a contractor with the Human Made team before I was hired on full-time. I was able to see the quality of the team and the company from the inside enough to say to myself, “Wow, it would be really great to work there.” I am tremendously honored and excited to have the opportunity to work with everybody here!

I’ve been on quite a wild ride to get here. I initially started my undergraduate schooling pursuing a degree in Counselling, and then quickly changed over to Media Production in the hopes I would get to be a filmmaker. Once I graduated I started freelancing, doing anything media-related: Web Design, Print Design, Videography, Motion Graphics, and Development. After a few internships, I had a few wise people say I sucked at a few things and I should choose one discipline and get really good at it. From that, I chose development! As the projects I took on got more and more complex, I kept getting deeper and deeper into the stack, bringing me to the point of being a Full-Stack Developer, and eventually a Systems Engineer!

I am so excited to be able to work with all of us here at Human Made and I cannot wait to see how we will be able to contribute to making the world and WordPress better, together.