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Welcome to Human Made: Thorsten Frommen

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Please join us in welcoming the talented Thorsten Frommen to Human Made as a Senior WordPress Engineer. Thorsten joins us after several years at VIP Partner agency Inpsyde and brings with him a wealth of experience in software development. He is a big advocate of object-oriented design and software testing and has been involved in the WordPress communities in Germany since 2014. Thorsten is extremely passionate about open source and contributing to the wider WordPress community.

We're really excited to have him with us. Welcome, Thorsten!

Thank you for the warm welcome, Tom. I am so looking forward to getting involved in all the awesome things at Human Made.

Shortly after I heard of Human Made for the first time—that must have been in late 2014—I heard of their involvement in almost every area of WordPress. The contributions to Core as well as other open source projects, the quality of the work, the organisation of events like WordCamps and A Day of REST, and, as an unsurpassed number one, the quality of the work environment that Human Made are both able and willing to offer all humans—I truly admired Human Made for all of that, and thus also the people working here.

See Thorsten's full profile here

Although I have been a web developer since 2000, I came across WordPress in 2005 and soon started working on smaller websites. I worked as an external IT consultant at a company offering realistic, immersive flight simulations and training; I registered a trade to do some web development projects on my own; I was a software engineer at a smaller agency specialized in WordPress development; and then, for almost four years, at Inpsyde, a VIP service partner and verified WooExpert. And now finally at Human Made, I have that unmistakable feeling that I am finally where I belonged this whole time. 

While I am also comfortable doing front-end-heavy projects, taming database queries and indexes, or hacking some server’s terminal, I certainly prefer coding. I like both PHP and JavaScript, and I really love for my first project at Human Made to be about developing a React-based application to be used in a WordPress context. Also, being an advocate of software testing, I’m all set to sharpen up and push things like coding standards, testing best practices, and quality assurance at Human Made.

Let’s see what WordPress in 2018, with Gutenberg and the fast-paced JavaScript ecosystem, will spring on us, and how we can make this a valuable, profitable and significant experience for all of us.