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Afonso Severino

More about Afonso

Afonso works with the commercial team and is supporting the transformation of Human made into the next level. He lives in the sunny Lisbon and is a food lover!

Afonso is Portuguese, currently based in Lisbon, and graduated in Industrial Engineering in 2015. Started his career working as a process Engineer in the manufacturing Industry with a big focus on improving people´s work and productivity. In his early years he spent a lot of time on the shop floor, together with production teams, understanding how value is created, so that plans and ideas can be designed and implemented in the best way possible. Later he changed to the micro mobility sector and worked on the scooter sharing business, where he launched a company from scratch in Portugal and expanded the service to +14 cities, allowing 1/3 of the country’s population to have access to safe and environmentally friendly transportation in their city. He is a simple person that enjoys the small pleasures of life.