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Alana Lenore

More about Alana

As an Account Manager in the Americas region, Alana helps clients and teams align to optimize opportunities and drive successful, delightful outcomes for all. She and her husband base their lives around the surf and snow, splitting their time mainly between California and Nicaragua.

In all areas of life, Alana is passionate about having and creating delightful experiences for herself and others. She prioritizes relationships and naturally seeks opportunities to boost efficiency, increase satisfaction, and optimize outcomes for all parties.

As an Account Manager for Human Made, she leverages her understanding of and passion for a wholly satisfying end-to-end experience to help clients and teams identify and align goals, opportunities, and priorities to optimize the user experience while driving value and growing business.

Prior to joining Human Made in 2022, Alana served as a strategic partner and customer success advocate in account management, account executive, and leadership roles across diverse industries in organizations big and small.

Having made a hardline decision some years back that life is to be enjoyed, she and her husband base their lives around surf and snow. They typically spend their summers on the rural coast of Nicaragua and winters in the California mountains.