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Amy Bridges

More about Amy

Amy is a Web Engineer in the engineering team at Human Made. She live in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA where she loves to write code, play with IoT devices and go to car shows.

Amy has worked remotely since 2006, as a freelancer, a contractor, and as an employee. She has been noticed as a top WordPress developer worldwide. She enjoys contributing to WordPress core and contribute coding time to open source projects such as Rocket Chat. She has had the opportunity to create a booking mobile application for Viceroy Hotels which is one of the top hospitality resorts in the world.

Her self-taught learning skills and strong work ethics are what make me unique. Amy’s professional web career started because she was intrigued by a commodore 64 when she was a child. She loves a good challenge. The harder it is to figure something out, only makes her want to figure it out more.

Amy is also into race cars and automotive in general. She built tons of race cars in my lifetime and hope to build many more. She is a SEMA member and attend the young executive’s network meetings to help other young executives in the automotive world grow their business through online marketing.