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More about Cheryl

Cheryl is one of the Senior Project Managers at Human Made. She has worked with project teams to build WordPress solutions for a variety of our clients across the world. Cheryl is passionate about processes that enable and empower the project teams to focus entirely on ‘the important’ stuff and not all of the external ‘noise’ that may be a distraction. She also strives to find creative approaches for communicating project metrics and status to client stakeholders for increased visibility, a stronger ‘partnership’, and to promote decisions that are based on data.

Prior to joining Human Made, Cheryl has multiple executive leadership roles such as Vice President of Delivery Operations, Director of Technical Program Operations, Director of IS Portfolio Management and Metrics and, Senior Vice President Digital Solutions.

She is passionate about identifying creative and effective strategies to accomplish operational excellence, design, technical, and business process transformation, cultivate growth, and improve product/service capabilities. Cheryl also believes it is important to work with business, product, and marketing leadership to increase profitability, reduce costs, and expand organizational and operational capabilities and effectiveness in any role – be it executive leadership or individual contributor.

Cheryl enjoys running, playing tennis, gardening, and playing video games (MMOG) – and eating good food and drinking good wine!