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Diana Dvorska

More about Diana

Diana is a Senior Project Manager helping Human Made clients achieve their digital goals. She is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, you can find her hiking / skiing in the Bulgarian mountains.

Diana did an exchange one year program in Prague Czech Republic and then MSc in Glasgow, Scotland. She loved the weather so much that she stayed and worked there for a start up for a few years. Eventually she moved back to where she was born and raised – Sofia, Bulgaria and started her journey as a project manager. Being part of an agency she supported clients from various industries and sizes to achieve their digital goals. Some of the names she worked with are Zebra Technologies, British Olympic Association, Oddballism and fontfabric.

Driven by her empathetic persona and passion for education she is a co-founder of an NGO organising career events for young people.

In her spare time you can find Diana hiking / skiing in the Bulgarian mountains or travelling.