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Fathan Fisabililah

More about Fathan

Fathan is a Web Engineer based in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia. A father with 2 adorable kids. Has experience in both managerial and technical fields for more than 10 years. One of them is as an engineering lead at the top transportation company in South East Asia, Grab. He started exploring WordPress in 2010 and actively participates in several WordCamps both in Jakarta and globally.

He was a teacher and CEO at a non-profit company (MK) in Indonesia and actively participated in social activities, especially as a trainer in the field of leadership and management. He loves to share with others, help them grow with technology and move forward together in improving the economy of the community.

In between his free time, he spends his time hanging out with his family and playing soccer with his colleagues and students.

His life motto is to be the best among the best.