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Fernando Schubert

More about Fernando

Fernando is Senior Cloud Engineer responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining our Altis platform on AWS. He lives with his partner and daughter in Santa Rosa, Brazil and besides tech Fernando loves history and to collect old coins, stamps and books.

He joined Human Made in 2021 and focuses on improving and maintaining our cloud-based Altis platform. He brings nearly two decades of experience on data centre operations as well more than a decade working with AWS on multiple projects and areas.

On previous roles Fernando has lead cloud engineering teams and driven multiple cloud modernization and application redesign projects for large EMEA Enterprises. He also has years of consulting and cloud architecting experience and holds multiple AWS, VMware and Microsoft certifications.

After years living in Munich, Germany in 2021 Fernando moved back to his home region and currently lives in a small town in south Brazil near the border with Argentina, with daughter and partner, loves to drink the local traditional beverage, the mate tea and watch from his office window the nearby rainforest that survived the city growth. On his free time Fernando loves to be with family and spent time with his hobbies.