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Vanita Nandakumar

More about Vanita

As our Allocation Manager for APAC, Vanita ensures that the right humans are mapped to our projects. She lives in Bangalore, India, with her husband, two cats, and a penchant for mystery.

Vanita has been working in the field of business operations for the last 10 years. She has a degree in marketing and HR, as well as diplomas in graphic and fashion design. She has worked a variety of roles like administration, HR, operations, digital marketing, PR, content and project management. Never one to shy away from a good challenge, she is always all smiles no matter the pressure she is under. She ran a freelance network agency for web/app development, digital and OTC media based projects for three years before joining us.

With a total of 12 years experience under her belt she is our Allocation Manager in the APAC region. She loves watching horror flicks, murder mystery shows, jasmine purple tea, stout beers, and cats.